The Top 10 Upgrades to Add Values to Your Flipped Home

Few tips to flip your house for higher price

( Based on U.S House Buyers Taste )

  1. Retractable glass-wall systems

Retractable glass-wall systems that fold into accordion pleats or disappear into recessed pockets make for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces—and are popular with luxury home buyers. 

2. High Ceiling

“Ten-foot ceilings, cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings” are all in demand.

3. Quartzite countertops

Quartzite, a lustrous natural stone that’s harder than granite and less prone to staining than marble, is the new star of the chef’s kitchen.

4. Butler’s pantry

A tricked-out butler’s pantry with an extra wine fridge, icemaker or dishwasher can serve as an extension of the home’s entertaining space—or hide the messy prep work.  

5. Spa bathrooms

6. Smart-home systems

App-based home-automation systems that can play music, control lighting systems and window treatments, regulate thermostats and access security cameras are gaining in popularity. 

7. Four-car garage

In areas where the cost of square-footage is high, a garage that can accommodate three or four cars is a prized amenity. 

8. Barn, carriage house or in-law apartment

As is probably pretty obvious, the term in-law apartment comes from the idea of keeping in-laws or a mother-in-law, close—but not too close—in a separate apartment that is part of your house. An in-law apartment can also be in a separate structure on the same lot, such as above a garage, or a freestanding structure of its own. We realize that  these latter definitions are for the most part outside the realm of what’s available in New York. 

You’ll often find basement or garden-level apartments referred to as “in-law apartments,” but these apartments can be located on any floor of a building. 

9. Generator

More buyers are asking about home generators, particularly in natural disastrous-prone areas.

10. Neutral decor

Light grays are really popular—whether it’s flooring, or wall colors.

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